You, child! [Poem]

newborn for poem "You, child"; photo source Pixabay

You child, listen to what I say: As soon as adulthood will start Don't be afraid, don't let them take The purity within your heart! You take a look into the mirror And keep in mind what you now see, Don't you give in to grown-up terror, Allow yourself to speak up free! Tomorrow, when … Continue reading You, child! [Poem]

Who’s the Queen? [Poem]

"I live for comments, I breathe the likes, I dream of shares." That's what it takes? In today's world All wrapped in tech, We're told we're bold Or turn to wreck. It's true, however, That social media Can make us clever If we play trivia. That interaction, Nevertheless, That off-line action Causes us stress. We're … Continue reading Who’s the Queen? [Poem]