The man, the moon and the casquette – Chapter 1 (full)

A simple man During daytime, he's a hero for the others. Yet, when the night-time comes, he walks dragging his feet towards what seems to be a lifetime in disbelief. People adore him. People praise him. And people say that all the words in the world are not enough to thank him for his deeds. [...]

#ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) – ep. 11 – Science & Personal Development

Introducing you to interesting people around the worldMeet Aladin Lijassi- Doctor, medical scientist, Founder of Télé Santé (Morocco) -Have you ever seen the embodiment of true understanding and adaptability? Well... I have. Do you want to know where did I see that? Better said, who provided me with this kind of picture?My guest for today [...]