#ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) – ep. 10 – Humanity & Sales

Introducing you to interesting people around the world Meet Tom Lauwers- Director of Sales Operations (Germany) - Did you ever consider relocation? If not, would you ever? If not, why?My guest for today did. Considered it. Measured pros and cons. And took advantage of all the benefits such a jump can bring.Mr. Tom Lauwers has a top position … Continue reading #ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) – ep. 10 – Humanity & Sales

Naivity or wholeheartedly?

I may be called a dreamer, or an idealist, or a warrior for good, or even a naive one. But I do believe in people. I do believe in beauty and I do belive in change. And I know they all exist!

My New Year’s wish to you…

We search for wealth and we search within... We're advocates of environment or destroy it with bare hands... We write, we sing, we build, we dance; we swim, we cook, we sew, we work the land... We help and watch pain passing by behind our eyes; we give freely and we expect reward. We judge and we accept..