My purpose

     Everyone has a dream, even if buried in the most hidden place of their minds. My dream is to have a constraint-free life and a strong control over my mind. To loose all the masks and, hopefully, encourage people to do the same...     This blog has the purpose of taking me one … Continue reading My purpose

Let’s talk about trust, baby… Pure diamond…

    There used to be a song: "Let's talk about sex, baby/ Let's talk about you and me..." I choose "Let's talk about trust, baby..." Sex is a moment, trust is a lifetime! The first one may be encountered on every corner, the latter is earned! One is a sport of the body, the … Continue reading Let’s talk about trust, baby… Pure diamond…


   People are afraid of showing their true self... I'm not... Therefore, there you go... Me... I'm an ambivert... Or 'Extroverted introvert' --> INFJ personality type. Do you know yours? Can you admit the traits? Have you ever been curious about it? One day I just came across an intriguing article that caught my eye … Continue reading INFJ


What is a mask? The difference between what you show and what you truly feel. Yes, speaking and taking the truth is hard work, but why choose the fake over the real? Sheds a different light over yourself? Well, let me burst that bubble for you... Yes, during the day, when you are around people, … Continue reading Masks