Chances and freedom

    How many chances can a human being get? How many times does one need to have the same stuff explained? How many signals do people need to be sent, in order to get a glimpse over an obvious matter? At some point, all these become useless. Regardless of how many of-whatever-you-need you get, … Continue reading Chances and freedom

The treble clef  

Times and times... Mornings come and mornings go. One day at a time... Sometimes, a new dawn shows no mercy on our fears, no pitty for the cruelty arround us, wearing a careless and full of nothing cloak... taking us to nowhere... We're just bodies floating in heavy air... Aiming to fall into the void... … Continue reading The treble clef  

When music talks

    When music talks, you should hold your breath and simply listen!  Music is the best healer ever! Guides your steps through the dark times, opens the door to a new beginning, gives you wings when you're down, provides that special "Thanks" when you succeed and holds your hand when you want to fly. … Continue reading When music talks

Let’s talk about trust, baby… Pure diamond…

    There used to be a song: "Let's talk about sex, baby/ Let's talk about you and me..." I choose "Let's talk about trust, baby..." Sex is a moment, trust is a lifetime! The first one may be encountered on every corner, the latter is earned! One is a sport of the body, the … Continue reading Let’s talk about trust, baby… Pure diamond…


   People are afraid of showing their true self... I'm not... Therefore, there you go... Me... I'm an ambivert... Or 'Extroverted introvert' --> INFJ personality type. Do you know yours? Can you admit the traits? Have you ever been curious about it? One day I just came across an intriguing article that caught my eye … Continue reading INFJ

That ‘weirdo’ look

 I just adore when people look at me and label a weirdo 😁  Jeans and t-shirt, red-blonde hair (unacceptable 😱), mascara and red lipstick (too daring 😲)... Oh, and music... Such an amazing feeling of self-acceptance... Of freedom... I never wanted to fit in... I finally made it! I can't and would never, ever be … Continue reading That ‘weirdo’ look