Co-founder & CEO of Coreto (disruptive blockchain platform)

Do you know what makes a person really good at what he/she does? Passion! Andrada writes with her soul and you can notice that from any of her writings. If you need to put THE SOUL in your stories, articles or content, you should definitely have a talk with Andrada.

Iustina Faraon (Romania)

I met Andrada on the professional platform LinkedIn. She has an eagle eye when it comes to spotting error in write-up. Saying she’s a talented writer is an understatement, because she’s also an interviewer, editor, script writer and poet. Meaning she’s a genius. Rare gem and the last we may ever see in the World of Creativity. Having worked with her several times, I can recommend her service to any result-driven entity or person. In addition, her ability to deliver results at the appropriate time gives her the edge above others.

Chinedu Junior Ihekwoaba (Nigeria)

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