23 years later…

When I was young, more specifically 10 years of age, my parents used to take me to these conferences. The conferences of a writer and a very wise man. A man who used to preach about love among people and hold praying sessions. I used to play around the place when I got bored. I [...]

#VulneRevolution Interview Series – Ep. 11 – Samitaa Sekhon, Co-founder of NeekaCare

Thank you very much for being part of our VulneRevolution series! We want to explore the topic of vulnerability openly and honestly. No judgement or innuendo should follow your feedback, therefore please do your best to answer the questions below honestly, as your help may mean the world to someone else. If, at any given [...]

ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) – Ep. 15 – Community Matters (Fabio Marrama)

Introducing you to interesting people around the world Meet Fabio Marrama - Digital Marketer, Speaker, "Top 40 Under 40 Award" Winner (Hamilton, Canada) -    We all speak, lately, about the importance of building communities and have witnessed the results of it, right? (I know I did and still do!) The benefits are irrefutable, aren't they? Yet, [...]

ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) – Ep. 14 – A Brilliant Mind (Joy Abdullah)

Introducing you to interesting people around the world Meet Joy Abdullah - Marketing Director & Strategist (Putra Jaya, Malaysia) -  Life is a roller-coaster and we barely find ourselves out, at times. We're trapped in a choice, yet we wish we could do more for the loved ones. My guest for today is a strong man, willing to [...]

Army boots

Bullets and army boots All I remember is that it was me out there. All dressed up in military, from top to toes: casket, uniform and army boots. And a shotgun. It was as if I was the only enemy there, attacked from all sides. People and some sort of drones were shooting at me. [...]

#ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) – ep. 13 – Beyond translated words

Introducing you to interesting people around the world Meet Dominika Weston Recruiter, Language and Diversity Enthusiast (Poland) Translator or interpreter? Is there a difference? Sure there is. But what if we found out what the exact differentiation is from a golden-hearted woman, who is an advocate for smiles and kindness in disguise? Well, I just briefly [...]