Who’s the Queen? [Poem]

"I live for comments, I breathe the likes, I dream of shares." That's what it takes? In today's world All wrapped in tech, We're told we're bold Or turn to wreck. It's true, however, That social media Can make us clever If we play trivia. That interaction, Nevertheless, That off-line action Causes us stress. We're … Continue reading Who’s the Queen? [Poem]

Let go! [Poem]

Let go, Just breathe! Be here, Forgive Yourself And others, The world The clutter. You're more Than this Your core Retreat. Tomorrow brings Another shine Unleash the wings You are DIVINE! © Andrada Anitei (Jan 20th, 2019) 📸 source: Pixabay.com

Hold on to YOU

lotus flower, the power of YOU

Be who you are, Lift up your head Do what you care, Don't fall to threat. Living is hell From time to time, If we allow Evil to shine. Therefore, just trust, Tomorrow's bright! Be who you must, Smile back at life. No other you Does this world hold. Always renew! Only you mould The … Continue reading Hold on to YOU

Silent touch [Poem]

When the 2 of themHim and herSee each otherThere's only flame She radiates,He comes so close,He loves in silenceA velvet rose He speaks, she listensShe looks at him...She talks, he cherishesAdmiration is his. Their soul is cosmicOpen as oneTheir minds connectBathing in sun When each one criesThe other hearsWhen one collidesThe other screams One for … Continue reading Silent touch [Poem]

The golden fighter [Poem]

She is a woman like another Yet hides a soul that might attract, Her deeds seem to be made of wonder, She aims to make kindness a fact. There's days when she can barely move, But there is nothing that can stop her, Her words change sadness into groove, Her look reveals a mind that's … Continue reading The golden fighter [Poem]

Be strong, you woman ! [Poem]

When life rolls out its heavy dice And you’re the one to pay the price, When you choke with anxiety And all you face is scarcity, When your mind swims in blurry waves And love is all your being craves, Keep flowing like the playing wind, Allow feelings to be unveiled! Don't call yourself “unworthy … Continue reading Be strong, you woman ! [Poem]