#SilentVoice – Background story

#SilentVoice campaign (see presentation video here) started as a shout out for helping the shy or the abused ones to voice and release their minds from the chains of a painful past or speak up on current matters.

🔞 Pain unchained

Alike all teenagers these days, I was really fond of social media and making new friends, from different corners of the world. Another reason of being happy – after a few months, I could proudly say that I had a very good friend online, without even seeing each other in flesh. My friend used to “listen” to me and encourage me for the better.

Afraid to run, afraid to stay

1 minute - that's how long it took me to figure out the tragic story behind an apparent gentle touch. For such a short while, I was reading. The expression on their faces. Which were contradictory. She was afraid - to stay; but more scared of running. He was in charge... He was pressuring her to kiss him. But no one could have come in between, as no one was interested in such thing. No one will ever know the facts behind such fear. As everyone was in a rush to start their weekend.


If I were to answer the question "How would you help a shy person come out of their shell?" I would say: with small steps, as an invasive way would only push them away. Gaining their trust, so that they let me find out where they come from. For, if we know the source, we know where to work for a self-confidence boost. And by NEVER betraying their trust. (The line is too smooth to cross. If we do, they're gone for good.) And by sending songs with and uplifting message!


I would be honored to learn stories from people who are shy or afraid to expose themselves to others and help them raise their #SilentVoice. For bringing this to light, this blog will become part of the campaign, so please help me help you, by getting in touch with me or by leaving the title of a topic in a comment and I will try to contact you, in a private message. As I respect confidentiality, I may create fictional characters, in order to keep the #SilentVoice safe.

Campaigns for social cases

Yesterday, a pretty young lady stopped me for presenting to me such a campaign. In the past, I would just say "Pass", but something said "Stop!" this time. And I'm glad I did.