Who is Arian?

If you followed my posts (on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram) and/ or podcast episodes, you may already know who that is. It can also be easily found here. If not, you may want to check the video below and look for the link to the revolutionary free advertising platform called WorkApp Pty Ltd). … Continue reading Who is Arian?

Story of 2 souls – another book excerpt – main characters’ description

Today I choose to share another book excerpt with you all. Actually 2, describing the main characters. This book will be my piece of writing introducing you to the world of a madly in love woman... Is like a surgery on an open heart...

But that's all I will tell you. I would love to learn your feedback!


 Sometimes I am far away from this world, sunk deep in my day-dreaming. Times and often, deception is too vivid there, yet I'm so scared to wake up, out of the fear of making it come to life and steal every pinch of hope left. The dim light embraces my state of mind, amplifying the trembling of my heart and the music echoing around the room moves my lips in a dance they can't fight, though the words are meant to stick the thorn deeper with each note.

Story of 2 souls – book excerpt – Seal on my heart

You see, kind sir, life has a funny way of turning its pages... When you quit hoping, that's exactly when things happen...

Motivational daytime stories

The post I shared yesterday made me think thoroughly about how I want my kids to grow up. Therefore, as I have two of my own, I came up with an idea. May not be genuine (I guess there are people already doing this, not sure though), but it's what I will use for guiding … Continue reading Motivational daytime stories

A different kind of mom – book excerpt

Parenting is just like a roller coaster: when you think you reached the peak, by having all covered, the down slope shows up. Amplified by tiredness, dissatisfaction and frustrations. Someone says “No rest for the wicked”... But, guess what, everyone deserves to rest, for battery recharge. Even the most wicked ones. Then, why wouldn't you, as a (single) parent, have this right? Yet, the full-time job as a parent stands tall in front of you and tells you: “Now you are not allowed to do that, or that or say that and do things considering nothing and no-one else but yourself”. ‘Cause you can’t! You have destinies in your hands and you need to shape them right way. You can’t let them fall to pieces, rather you need to build them up.