Who’s the Queen? [Poem]

“I live for comments,
I breathe the likes,
I dream of shares.”
That’s what it takes?

In today’s world
All wrapped in tech,
We’re told we’re bold
Or turn to wreck.

It’s true, however,
That social media
Can make us clever
If we play trivia.

That interaction,
That off-line action
Causes us stress.

We’re blind to real,
We chase a goal
That’s never clear,
Can’t make us soar!

We look for money
In shallow medium,
We taste the honey
With no criterion

For living life
As we deserve,
For chasing love.
Do we reserve

That priceless time
Which won’t return,
To use it fine,
To make hearts burn?

Let’s take one moment
To understand
What is our purpose
Towards the end.

Do we aspire
Living in words?
Do we inspire
Others to to work?

Where’s the true impact
Of what we do?
Where’s the survival,
Can we seek truth?

It’s all around us!
Yet we crave fake,
Let us re-purpose
And take a break

From this mirage
Which takes us nowhere,
Let’s set our paths,
Embrace the blare

Of a true soul,
That really shares
What we believe
And really cares

About our dreams,
About our lives
And helps us breathe
Those truthful vibes!

Take on-line friendships
In real life,
Assist the hardships
And help them thrive.

Create those bonds
You won’t regret,
Be who you are
And drop the mask!

Travel the world
If you afford,
Provide support
And you’ll breathe worth.

Numbers are fake
In today’s image,
Though life’s at stake
And can face damage.

Let us join hands
For new tomorrow,
Let us build plans
That crush the sorrow

Of those in need
Who fight with danger,
Let’s plant a seed
For new endeavor!

Let us believe
That life has magic,
Let us delete
A pain that’s tragic.

Let’s play the game
Of true compassion,
Erase the blame,
Release the passion!

Let kindness rule
And be the queen,
In all you do
Let it be seen!

Towards yourself,
Towards the others,
And you’ll gain wealth!
And life that matters!

© Andrada Anitei, Feb 3rd, 2019
📸 source: Pixabay.com

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