23 years later…

When I was young, more specifically 10 years of age, my parents used to take me to these conferences. The conferences of a writer and a very wise man. A man who used to preach about love among people and hold praying sessions.

I used to play around the place when I got bored. I couldn’t have possibly endured 3 full hours (or was it 4?) of listening and praying. I would give anything to have that now…

Today I visited that place again, 2 years after this mentor of a non-conscient child died. The moment I entered the place I burst into tears. I recalled everything. The smell of the books at the entrance, his presence, his voice, the people socialising in the old fashion during breaks, the games like hide and seek by myself, his cabinet – set in a small room next to the conference room… My body started shaking while tears were falling and are still raining on my cheeks as I write this…

I couldn’t put myself together while talking to the person I went to seek. I want to have my book launch event there. That place is too dear to my heart and, when I decided to have a launch, it was the first location that popped into my mind. Everything happens for a reason…

But I know the first mentor I had in this life will watch over everything and I will have the event there. It HAS TO BE there. I felt his presence while I was waiting for the interlocutor. And I asked him to please help me out.

I want to honor him like this… And I will, regardless of the obstacles!

So help me God!

Love, A.

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