ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) – Ep. 15 – Community Matters (Fabio Marrama)

Introducing you to interesting people around the world

Meet Fabio Marrama

– Digital Marketer, Speaker, “Top 40 Under 40 Award” Winner (Hamilton, Canada) – 


We all speak, lately, about the importance of building communities and have witnessed the results of it, right? (I know I did and still do!) The benefits are irrefutable, aren’t they?

Yet, some people – like my guest today – step up by showing what one person can do; how they’re mindset can influence for the better, by just being themselves, outside the digital space.

Hats off for my interviewee, speaking the language of genuinity!



1. Hi, Fabio. Please be so kind as to introduce the readers to the man behind the professional.

I love marketing, leadership and people. I absolutely thrive on it! So, this naturally gravitates to my role as a Partnerships Manager for one of the largest Credit Unions in Canada. I am a proud husband and father of two beautiful little girls. I’m a business graduate of Niagara College and this leads me to the passion I still have for students and young professionals, in helping them level up their career game, to help them grow.

2. What brought you to LinkedIn, in the first place, And how did you come to offering consultancy in regards to this platform?

To be honest, I came to LinkedIn at the right time. I’ve been on the platform since 2012, but just used it to build an “on-line resume” presence. I never created content or engaged at all. That was until about November 2017.

“You need to have fun and be present – big time”

I had been seeing tons of content, created by people like Manu Goswami andMichaela Alexis. I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my own learnings and insights. I really created content to start as a way to build great relationships with others, network and open doors of opportunity, wherever it would lead. Never expected to build such a vibrant and amazing community!

From the consultancy standpoint, I’ve just had some wonderful people reaching out, in regards to helping them with their LinkedIn presence. It was easier to do since I’ve been able to share knowledge from my own experience.

3. Can you tell us a bit about the “Top 40 under 40 award”, mentioned on your profile?

I have a lot of people asking me about this… It’s nothing special, really! Every year there is a platform in the City of Hamilton (where I work) that takes nominations for top professionals. You have to be nominated by someone. I was fortunate and surprised to have been nominated in 2017. I really focused on providing as much value and over-delivering on the application process.

A couple months later, I found out that I was selected – from the hundreds of nominations – as one of the Top 40 professionals having an impact in the city, under the age of 40. It was awesome! I was, then, presented with the award at a celebration gala. It was definitely a cool moment in my career.

4. There’s something else that drew my attention, while checking your profile. And that is your principle “do more now”. Tell us about it, please. It may seem self-explanatory, but I want to know more.

For sure. Yes I am a big believer in doing more than expected – no matter what the task is. Back in college, I led a 80+ student group called Enactus, which is a student run international organization that runs projects in local and global communities, focused on entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and financial literacy. I led a team that focused on entrepreneurship and we came 2nd in Ontario – back to back years – and top 10 in Canada, back to back as well. Building community projects while studying was a prime example of doing more than expecting.

“Put in the work, do more and do things that others are not willing to do (…) It just works!”

I didn’t have to do it; I wasn’t getting paid and could have spent my extra time lazing around, but I didn’t. It was that experience that got me a job literally right away out a school – and a pretty cool one! That experience taught we to keep delivering those same results; and I’ve aimed to do exactly that in my career. This is why that is a core value of mine.

5. And how does that influence students? I know you engaged in plenty of events on the matter.

Similar to what I said earlier, by doing more – you get more opportunities. You get out what you put in. Heading into my last year of college, I had no money left and I was not on financial assistance. I literally spent my whole summer applying to various scholarships and bursaries with the extracurricular work I was doing. That final year I had nearly 75% of my whole tuition paid off for by FREE MONEY, after winning multiple scholarships. Again, I realized that by applying yourself and putting in the work – it put me in a better situation. But how many people would be willing to give up their summer for that? Not many.

It’s not some high level strategy. Doing more just works – especially for students who lack experience! This attribute 1000% impacts your career if you apply it. It’s simple. And that’s my message to students: put in the work, do more and do things that others are not willing to do.

6. That sounds delightful. Now, tell us about the Forbes appearance, please. (I can’t help it!)

The mention was small, but it’s simple. Build relationships with people!

A few months back, I reached out to Jeremy Slate on LinkedIn. I just loved the value he was providing in his content and podcast. Over time, I was able to build a relationship with him and get to know him better, as well as provide value to his growing community. Organically, he had an opportunity to be featured in Forbes, which led to the shout out. The fact he thought of me in regards to LinkedIn, without asking, showed that by providing value and caring for other people it goes a long way. Be genuine, it may come back at you!

7. I remember seeing you in a morning radio show, with Kyle & Kyle. And I remember very well that one of the hosts said that you slightly changed their format. It’s a pretty funny story. Please share it with the readers.

Oh ,yes! I love “Coffee with Kyles”. Kyle Burt and Kyle Witham are outstanding guys! I believe it was early in their interview journey and they were still working on the flow and format. They asked who I’d like to meet, if they could bring them on the show and I asked: “Dead or alive?”.

“Work Hard, Stay Hungry, Be Humble”

That triggered a new format for their espresso shot to be a Double Espresso shotand name two people. It was quite funny!

8. OK, personal questions time – you posted a video, a few months back, with your 2 precious daughters (adorable!). The one you told me about in our chill off-line call… The question is: how did you come to the understanding that a mom needs her break, away from everything, every now and then?

I give my wife credit for so much, yet she deserves so much more. She sacrifices a ton to be home with our little ones ,so it was just a small way to say “I appreciate you and take some down time for yourself”. Every busy mom needs time to herself and time with adults!

9. Now, that makes a strong marriage! And I congratulate you for your mindset, fairly! But I’ll switch the focus a bit. How do you manage day to day challenges? What keeps you going, from a personal standpoint?

I’d have to say my faith keeps me going. It’s a strong foundation in my life, even in challenges and difficulties. Additionally, my family is also right up there. The support they provide is a huge way to overcome challenges. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

10. If your girls asked you to play “princesses” with them, would you accept (especially if you should be one of them, not the big bad wolf)? If yes, what’s the lesson you can learn from such a game?

100% I would play! In fact, I’ve probably done something similar. I love having fun with my kids and tapping into the imaginative games.

“Know your purpose, live it out and use it to serve”

The lesson would have to be that you need to have fun and be present – big time. You never want to look back in 20-30 years and say “I wish I actually played more of those games with my kids.”

11. And what are the greatest values you would advise everyone to take on?

Everyone has their own values in life. When it comes to my career – Work Hard, Stay Hungry, Be Humble.

12. Considering the question above, what would be the most valuable advice you would give your 16 years old daughters (besides the “never give up” obvious one)?

Know your purpose, live it out and use it to serve.

13. Picture yourself, for a moment, losing it all and being forced to take everything from scratch. What is the first thing you would do?

I would turn to the Book of Job, as a reminder, and give thanks. I’d also reach out for help, of course!

“Be genuine, it may come back at you!”

It’s in times like that when you need the support of loved ones, friends, family and community.

14. For the people going through (yet not limited to) a situation like the one described at #13, please share us with some of your wisdom. How would you help someone dealing with this, if they came asking for assistance? And a final word, please. ☺

Take it day by day and put one foot in front of the other. Setbacks and challenges will come. Find people who can help in lifting you up!


My thoughts, after such replies, are: Stand up, “do more”, live your dreams and remember to give back to society. Community does matter!

And remember to #stayFab! 🙂


*The photos used in this article were provided by the rightful owner, with clear consent. Using them without prior agreement, may become subject of the copyright law. All rights reserved to Fabio Marrama*


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