What is Beauty and where do we find it?

Did you ever think thoroughly about what beauty really was? Do you see beauty as a magazine fake display? Or do you see beauty in intelligence, unconditional love and good vibe?

Or none of the above?

Short story time…

In the last article I mentioned my challenges, as change stroke on many levels (work and personal). Oh, wait! Did I say challenges? Sorry, I meant reasons to be grateful for. Because change is always for the best!

But this article is not about this, is about beauty. So going back to the topic, I’ll give you a peek into my new home. How is it related to beauty? Just see the image below…

This picture can be seen as you walk through the hallway. I want this to be seen by everyone, as inner beauty is the most precious kind of gift one can receive from above.

But being yourself is sometimes difficult, right? Trusting that your own beauty is the missing link to happiness is heavy, right? But why? Why? Due to fear. Fear of being judged by others for your genuine style. Fear of not fitting in with boxed minds. Fear of not letting that inner voice speak.

But, please, ask yourselves:

Why are you running from that beautiful gem inside of you?

Why do you put your inner voice on mute mode?

And, then…

How can you change this?

Is there anyone that could ever do that for you? Or is it YOURSELF that needs to take the first step?

Sure, others can help you voice your conscious mind and beautify your appearance. But no one will ever be able to help you discover yourself, unless you try hard to head this way first.

Sure, there are identity coaches that can guide you towards what you need to look for, but they will never provide you the answers. They are just guides, not task takers. The task is YOURS, not theirs. There are people to support you morally, but it is still YOU that need to do the search.

I know, such task is never easy, but you’ll learn that is worth every single second of discovery. As there, right THERE, inside of you, there’s everything you need to find!

Your personal beauty is a gem!

Your mind is a powerful asset!

And your heart hides the most un-measurable and unconditional love!

I’ve learned the hard way that happiness should not be credited to someone else. But looked for within. Placing the burden of your own happiness on someone else’s shoulders may even be unfair, as they may feel overwhelmed by all the expectations such thing rises.

So… Remember:

You are beautiful!

You are powerful!

You are your own master!

You are the one responsible for your life!

And you are the Universal mind!

Search for yourself and connect to the infinity of the stars. You’ll witness a (r)evolution of mindset and you will be YOU!

“Be yourself/ Everybody else is taken”

Special thanks to Chinedu for widely and wisely spreading the message of being true to oneself!


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