#SilentVoice – Background story

#SilentVoice campaign (see presentation video here) started as a shout out for helping the shy or the abused ones to voice and release their minds from the chains of a painful past or speak up on current matters.

Though there has only been one story put out there, so far, there’s a backstage process going on.

I am so happy to say that the woman I’ve presented the first story of has made her mind to re-take her studies and sees a ray of light ahead.

But to whom should the entire credit go to? Some may say it’s all for me, for starting the campaign. But let me tell you something: is not. Is about an entire beautiful and strong team behind. This team is made of: Abhijit Joshi, Pranil Nandedkar, Amanda Miller, Anton Chumak Andryakov. And the last, but not least, yet the most important member of the team is Akira herself. She managed to figure, by talking to me and the mentioned team of amazing selfless people, that her life can still take a beneficial turn. And that, by focusing on the present and the near future, that hope one may think was lost for good can still nurture a perspective change.

So where’s the background story? Well, all the talking to this beautiful woman and connecting people for a noble cause makes a great story. And every member has a role in it. I was the one to initiate, but the others are taking it further: Abhijit and Pranil are helping towards getting a job; Amanda… Well, that’s a bit of a secret, due to confidentiality policy we strictly follow in these cases – but her help is priceless, even if not literally mentioned; Anton is the amazing identity coach helping to re-build self-confidence; and Akira… Here I have a trophy to give, for the great efforts of seeing beyond the grey clouds; for all the trust she has empowered all of us with and for taking the courage to go for the adventure of a new her. For looking inside, for taking all the encouragement provided by all the amazing people that have posted an uplifting comment to her story and for being willing to move forward.

I am confident that all her efforts and our support will, eventually, pay off and we will all be able to celebrate the end of a painful era and the start of a bright future.

So, here I go, being grateful to a marvelous team work, exposing all the people that deserve a recognition for a great contribution, for the involvement in this particular case!

THANK YOU each and every one that made the first shout out of this campaign to become the ray of light a soul needed and the changing wind of an unfortunate fate, that will rise above the odds!

Choose strength! #SilentVoice

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