Focus switch

Whether we’re aware or not, every day we’re given choices. And a new opportunity to improve ourselves. If we use these gifts or not is up to each of us. No one can control our fate unless we allow this.

This being said, today I choose to write about that switch button we can all push, when it comes to personal perceptions and focus.

This morning, while on my way to work, I’ve witnessed 2 indecent gestures of 2 men (sorry guys, nothing personal, yet men seem to overlook common sense more often). However, none of them affected anyone. But these could have easily ruined my day, if I hung on to them. I could have used overthinking and analyze why do men do this or that in public. Nonetheless, as I mentioned, we can push the switch button and change our views, guiding our focus towards a new event or thought.

Man with spectacles

While in the subway I noticed something weird at first sight: a young man (barely reaching his 30s) who spent about 40 seconds looking at his wrist watch. Why weird? Because, most certainly, when seeing something like this, we’re quick to thinking: “Why does it take him so long to read such a basic thing as the hour?” As first impulse, one could easily mock him and say: “Change your glasses, dude”. Yet, by observing his spectacles and mimic, the problem was beyond that… A closer (aka more careful) look would reveal a thick lens, pointing to high diopter.

I felt sorry for this young man, which – most certainly – was working in a corporation, as he got out of the subway to the same station as I did (corporate area of the city). On the other hand, I was happy that he was willing and capable of supporting his life, despite his obvious handicap.

As I was climbing the stairs to the surface, I thought about the ease our minds encounter in switching from one thing to another; one topic to the other; one state to another. We hold an incredible power to which we’re blind, most of our lives, as secondary aspects come first. But, as I say in most of my writings, choice is always free. Nonetheless, we choose to throw our innate gifts on 2nd, 3rd, 10th or even 30th place, granting priority to the less important facts.

But don’t take my word for granted. Just do it once. Be your own volunteer and try the focus switch. You may thank yourself later, as you get used to it and learn the benefits of mind games. Because “focus switch” is just a game, meant for us to really understand the strength within and the magic of discovering it.

Remember: change starts with one!

Love, A.

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