Dear all,

There are so many beautiful campaigns going on on LinkedIn platform (such as #embracethesuck or #whatwillyourstorybe ) where people are challenged to expose their thoughts in regards to failure and how they did or attempt to overcome it. These are commendable initiatives of beautiful people, driven by that selfless desire of helping others.

In this extent, I would love to join them by having another campaign created, meant to help the less brave ones speak their minds. This will be a real challenge to myself, as its object will be writing or creating a video on a given sensitive topic (e.g: abuse, personal difficult barriers, etc.), in order to raise awareness and, hopefully, build a new path for bringing this world back to its lost humanity.

#silentvoice campaign

Therefore, I would be honored to learn stories from people who are shy or afraid to expose themselves to others and help them raise their #SilentVoice. For bringing this to light, this blog will become part of the campaign, so please help me help you, by getting in touch with me or by leaving the title of a topic in a comment and I will try to contact you, in a private message. As I respect confidentiality, I may create fictional characters, in order to keep the #SilentVoice safe.

I give you a big THANK YOU for supporting this and, thus, helping others to get out their system things they find hard to share. Hopefully, this campaign will be of help and bring a ray of light to the less fortunate.

For updates and if you would lile to join the cause, please follow me on LinkedIn.

Thank you.


7 Replies to “#SilentVoice”

      1. Do u live in the U S cuz can’t think of anyone around here who’s up. Those, obviously, that suffer from insomnia do…

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