Day 2 of flavor of kindness: do you believe in Santa Claus?

If you read my writings before, by now you must know I only expose real facts. And so is the one below…

I just… Starting last night, I really do believe in Santa Claus. Yes, I’m a grown-up and yes, I have 2 kids. So what? Santa Claus is real! You’ll see 😊

Ok, now let me tell you the story…

I have a neighbour. We barely ever talked more than a polite “Good day to you” to which he always replies: “May you be loved!” I always saw in him a good old man, greeting everyone with this amazing formula. This fact always sent me the vibe of kindness.

But last night, things turned like.. Waw! By the end od the event, I knew I will always believe in Santa…

You see, my elder kid had her winter celebration at the kindergarten. When the Santa-for-rent left, she was all sad and her eyes would cry bitter drops because she didn’t kiss Santa goodbye. I hardly managed to calm her down – whole my heart was breaking – telling her how Santa needed to visit other kids as well and he was in such a hurry! But she was still sad…

However, fate took me home quickly, for a matter of minutes, leaving my kid for dinner at the kindergarten. By the time I set foot on the first stair of the building, I met my neighbour. Same kind greeting: “May you be loved! and my evergreen answer “Good evening to you”. Nothing unusual…

We waited for the elevator and took it together. I had my kid’s present, he was carrying a black bag. The neighbour said: “Christmas gifts checked?”

“Yes” I go “but this is just a gift my kid received from Santa tonight, at her winter celebration”.

“Oh, how lovely!” he goes. “You know, that’s what I do in this time of the year. I share gifts to nice kids. I attend events and I offer my services to bring joy.”

“If only I knew…” I said. ” I would have loved to have you at the kindergarten this evening…”

“Don’t worry!” he said with a kind smile.

I couldn’t help myself to asking him:

“May I ask you how much do you charge for your services as Santa? I mean… I would love my kids to see a real Santa this year…”

“Let’s talk a bit” he says. “You see, I make good money from the events I attend for wealthy people. But I also do this pro bono. I attended events for kids with disabilities and charged nothing. It’s not all about the money, you know?”

That’s when my heart started to slowly melt…

Then, he told me how he rode the Coca Cola truck along the country and that he’s been doing this for 12 years now. He told me how he, once, made up an entire story for an 11-year-old, based on the letter the kid have put up for Santa, but the parents have forgotten in the car (though revealing it word by word to my neighbor). The kid burst into tears of happiness and the parents were amazed by his creativity.

That instant I knew: I want Santa to visit my kids this year, no matter what. So I asked again:

“If I would love to host you for a short time, for my kids, how much would your time be worth? I would hate not to pay you for your time…”

“Call me on Saturday, during the day, and we will agree on the time Santa comes” he carries on.

“Of course, it would be a delight” I say. “But you need to tell me the cost, please.”

“Listen” he says. “If you prepare a cup of milk and a few biscuits for me and Mrs. Santa and if I know your kids will be happy to meet me and listen to a story Santa will tell them, that would be my payment. I make enough money from others, so – for you and your kids – will be free of charge. Just call me on Saturday and we will set the right time.”

I tell you, people, he left me… Breathless… Speechless… Crying with emotion…

But that made me believe that Santa DOES exist…

Do you still doubt it?


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