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Day 1 of flavor of kindness: Patience

I promised I’d be back yesterday, with another random act of kindness. Nevertheless, life kept me busy. (We all face that, from time to time :)) )

But I am now taking the time to share another beautiful short story with you. And this one goes about a teacher, to whom I only spoke once (yet saw the result of her one-semester work), but deserves it fairly.

Here you are…

Let us, first of all, imagine ourselves in front of a classroom full of kids. Ah, but not just kids, yet kindergarten kids. Well? How do you handle all the chaos? How do you put up with this every time, be it daily or for few days a week? (Having 2 kids of my own, I’m already drained after a few hours, as they never stop having requests…).

Add up the monthly payment and you’ll understand that there are people doing this because they like it. And they may also be really good at it.

Now, the teacher I’m talking about has another plus: she’s a foreign language teacher. English teaching. Yes, that’s the object of her job. And she does it with kindergarten kids. What?! Yeap, that’s what I said. But if only you could see her! The way she manages everything! She’s just amazing…

You see, people – times and often – judge teachers. Why? Because they might be raising their voices to cover the noise of 20 or more kids, because they straighten up our kids’ behavior and, sometimes, not in the kindest way; because they want to communicate with the parents about their child’s not-that-fine way of being in the community. Stop! Rules? Hmm… But that’s another topic.

Well… As I was saying, if you saw this teacher and the way kids looked at her… the way she gently put them back to their places… the way she handled everything within a small game… the way she appreciated EACH AND EVERY KID… the way she made no differentiation among the children and offered all of them the same chance and treatment… The way she caressed their hair after a good answer… The way she pointed out a mistake… 1 word: her PATIENCE! (and believe me, this is a rare gem these days, when everyone is running around for money!) Nothing went as chaos while she was around.

So, bottom line: is patience 1 flavor of kindness? Does it face the peril of being lost? Does it decrease after so many years of “spending” it on generation after generation?

Today, I choose this little praise to a beautiful soul. A soul that spreads that vibe of joyousness, fulfillment and gratitude towards our children. A soul that may be judged, yet deserves a big THANK YOU!

Who manages to make you feel like this?







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