Letter to today’s journalism and media industry

Initially posted on Facebook, due to social circumstances. By reading below, you will catch the reason why.

Dear friends, acquaintances, buddies, relatives and strangers,

I gave up this social platform and I have no intention on coming back. However, as the world has the tendency to gather information from around here, I hope these lines will reach as far horizons as possible.

First of all, it is addressed to Romanian nation – therefore its initial shape in native language – but, unfortunately, we can find no pink unicorns, jumping on a field of idealism, anywhere in the world. This is why I chose to put this text in an international language as well.

I don’t know about you, but I still have that sparkle of hope left, in regards to the thinking and action-taking system of nowadays’ society. This is the only reason driving my choice to spread this message, in an uncensored way and, I do hope – from the bottom of my heart – that it will reach the highest “boss” (as we love this term so much anyways) in all fields of activity. Nevertheless, the highest degree of satisfaction would be knowing that this message reached all media sources. Why? Not because I’m in search of the spotlights (if I didn’t head that way by now, in this instant that’s the last service I would bow to) but for the simple thought that there may still exist healthy minds on the-full-of- numbers hallways of higly-put and powerful big wigs.

I may not have the studies of a journalist (that’s a fact, as I have economical background), but I know for sure what being human, above all, is supposed to mean. I’m no saint and I will never claim being one, but today’s values have diminished in a tragic way and I’m not afraid to face the whole world – if necessary – to draw attention over this, by all means.

With no further ado, below you will find “my love for journalism nowadays”, which should not imply any person who performs this job yet can sleep with a clear conscience.

” – Letter to today’s journalism and media industry –

I was never the kind of role model citizen, in the means of sustaining this nation till the end of the world. Actually, there were plenty of times when I felt as if I should have been born somewhere else. However, as years slipped through my fingers, I made the choice to pick up one good thing from here, another one from there, to spread a good vibe and the vision that there’s still hope, to people around me.

Unfortunately, last weeks’ events (especially the ones displayed by the King’s death and also the tragic passing of an acquaintance I used to see the image of every day) have provided me with an unscalable repulsion for the country I live in. And media sources have brought their contribution without consent.

I have no intention of divulging any aspect (I wonder if there’s any bit of information I may have and you don’t – probably not, but I wouldn’t give it to you even if it was to have my head cut off!) related to the young woman killed on Tuesday. But I brought this up for you to understand the source of this message (would a drawing also help?).

My message to you, “first hand journalists”, goes as following:

I’m ashamed of my nationality (and believe me, there are many people sharing my view!) and I could easily puke because of the level of callousness you have reached. As I nominate none of you, taking legal action against me for damaging your shiny image – built up on brainwashing – is something out of your hands, but I tell you this: you’ve become a laughingstock due to the way you treat your countrymen. You mock each and every bit of intimacy of the people you chase for rating. You couldn’t care less than a grain of sand about the hurt in their souls and about common sense (is there still such thing, hidden in a cave unknown to human kind?).

Now, that’s the reason I thank God for the amazing family I’ve been brought up in, for the values it boosted to me and for the fact that I failed passing the exam for becoming a journalist. (Just in case you thought you managed to spot a grammar misuse, please note that “it” refers to “family! That’s just a side comment… Seems like the grammar learned in gymnasium – in times when the trend of multiplying illiterates would not reach such high peaks – still casts its spell!)

Look at you! Alike rams, you just follow an already set direction (set by whom? By you, of course!) for a nickel and you sell your souls for unreal benefits. Ever since you finish your studies (or not – I’m still in doubt) till the day you close your little eyes – hungry for mundane and being the motors running for generating unbelievable income – you’re in a continuous motion. Sometimes I wonder if, from a physical perspective, you do ever get tired. But everyday shows me that you don’t. “Is a risk I take for keeping my job” you would say, in an informal manner.

Not mentioning the psychological aspect! Giving it a thought, I realize that your ego and mind are alike the cartoons villains, which feed themselves from other’s misery silver plate and grow in a day, just like Prince Charming, as someone else would in 10 years.

I can’t keep myself from questioning: at night, when you embrace your pillow, do you ever face any crisis of conscience? Does that illusory glory, shining bright during the day, accompany your dreams, as well? Is there any humanity left within some corner of your souls?

I wonder how is it that your bones do not crash under the weight of the callousness you wear proudly…

With the utmost lack of consideration,



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