Story of 2 souls – book excerpt – Seal on my heart


Yes, yes, you!

Where were you a few decades ago? And what on Earth were the gods/ Universe/ the Almighty thinking when making our paths cross? What’s the purpose of all this?

I was about to put the seal on my heart again. Now you show up? Is this what a dreamer’s life is supposed to be? Trials and tribulations all over again? I guess there’s a lesson I need to learn. But I can’t. What’s the lesson? To keep my guard up, put a mask on and build a fortress around myself, to prevent hurt from touching me? Why is it that I can’t? Because I hate masks, keeping my guard up only intimidates people and the walls will drown me in solitude.

Or is it the exact opposite? Is it that the Universe is trying to show me that acceptance should be embraced and the way I am is just the right one for me? And that whoever can cherish my genuine style has nothing to lose, rather a lot to gain?

[listen to: Adele – Daydreamer]

That’s a riddle my mind strives to solve. But I guess the moment for me to find out will come, eventually…

Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice

You see, my eyes keep on being amazed everytime I read a line. Whenever I receive your thoughts, I feel like a maiden ready to faint while opening a letter from a gentleman.

Now, stop! Don’t you sing your victory just yet! No, no. You’ve still got barriers to break, oceans to swim and villains to defeat.

But I repeat my question: where were you exactly 10 years ago? What were you planning for your life?

You see, kind sir, life has a funny way of turning its pages… When you quit hoping, that’s exactly when things happen…


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