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The feeling…

     Did you ever have a strange kind of feeling? That “something’s about to happen” kind of vibe rushing over your entire body? Yet without getting any idea about what’s actually coming up, in the means of “is it good or is it bad?”

     They say INFJ personality type (just a box of psychology, agreed, yet useful as a guideline), has this gift. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a gift, rather a skill one can’t escape. Or shouldn’t attempt to. If listened to, “the feeling” can drive that happiness we look for. How come? It prepares us to accept whatever comes next, to let ourselves in the hands of the unknown, trusting that it will only be for the good. So, eventually, change is the one that gets shaped.

     But let’s see the “symptoms” of this strange feeling…

    For me, is like a wave that hits me without leaving a note; in the same time, heat is what I feel in the top of my head, my heart beats fast (remember, without any certain reason), my brain is in some kind of stand-by mode, waiting for “the event” to happen and butterflies build circles in my stomach, hovering arround like crazy.

     Did you ever experience anything similar?

make sense

   This feeling never failed me. I just know something’s coming. I could easily call it warning, yet I’m not sure it would be the most appropriate term. Because warning is for look out. And that’s not it. Things happen afterwards. Always! Most of the time to my benefit.

     November was a great month, as this feeling was constantly there. And things came up: on a personal level, job related… Inspiration found its way again, learning drove my steps when I was lost, someone popped-up out of nowhere to offer me a kind smile… If less comfortable things came up, was only for sweeping the floor for the good to follow.

     December made its breakthrough in a magic way. I have some time to breathe, to think, to reflect, to dream, to rest, to write… But the feeling is still with me. Is like an invisible hand that wants to push me somewhere else than the place I currently am in.

     The future looks bright and I’m gonna embrace that, no matter what. Though I have no idea of what’s gonna be, I trust the unknown and surrender to its beauty… The feeling does its job…





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