Look at me…

     I’m far from perfect. But just look at me. See me through… I have a shape, but look beyond. Search for the energy… Discover mine, than look for yours. Alike me, you’re far from perfect. But look beyond the surface. Dig into your own soul. And acknowledge its shine. And there, you will find me, standing beside you. Waiting. For you to come, so that we can explore together.

     Go back for a few light-years and see where you come from. Where I come from. What was between and what has become. Now, do you see? No? Search deeper and you’ll find out. Everything is there. You are there, I am there. Both of us understand, both of us see… But our energies need to come together. Our hands to touch, our lips to melt and our souls to dance. Would you… Dance a waltz with me? Or… Maybe a tango? We can choose together, there’s no need to rush. One step at a time and we’ll get the perfect routine. The time is all ours and no one can steal that. They see, but they can’t touch. Is only us that count in this game for 2.

     Now, do you see? See what you’ve done? It’s all because of you. Because of your beautiful mind and your power to inspire. That’s what you made be do. That’s how I see the world now. And it’s all because of you. All because of the feelings you’ve made me reveal. To my own self, first of all. And all the power I found within and I am now ready to show the world. But what about your power? Don’t you see it? Well, I do. Is buried deep. Go search for it. Or, even better, let me help you read between the lines of the book you’ve never written. I’ll read for you, while you have your rest.

lovers in bloom
Credits: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2016/07/new-swirling-psychedelic-illustrations-by-james-r-eads/

     The world knows nothing, and neither do I. Nor you. Not a bit about you and not a bit about myself. But we’re both learning. We learn to believe, we learn to fly, we learn to understand and we learn to love. But I know that YOU are here to stay beside me. And I am here to stay beside you. I will wrap your hands in freedom; I will kiss those lips that speak their truth; I will glance at those eyes that see the beauty of a soul; and I will softly touch that heart that beats on the rhythm of goodwill. I will be the gatekeeper of this treasure, banishing disappointment and despair, but rising a fortress of trust.

     Baby, we have an empire to build. Brick by brick, thought by thought, touch by touch, step by step… Care doesn’t lack here, rather has its own stage. The music surrounding us is deaf to others, but is piano to us. Just listen. Listen carefully. Then learn the notes and we will sing along. You won’t believe the sublime, crystal clear sound our voices turned to one can make.

     [listen to: Oasis – Kygo ft. FOXES (Cover By Jasmine Thompson)]

     Then take a look at me. At you. At us… This is it! This is you and this is me… This is us.



12 Replies to “Look at me…”

      1. I’m no sweet just straightforward and sometimes kind of bitter and sometimes sugar coater 😉


      1. I’m no sweet just straightforward and sometimes kind of bitter and sometimes sugar coater 😉


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