Story of 2 souls – another book excerpt – main characters’ description

Today I choose to share another book excerpt with you all. Actually 2, describing the main characters. This book will be my piece of writing introducing you to the world of a madly in love woman… Is like a surgery on an open heart…

But that’s all I will tell you. I would love to learn your feedback!

Day 3 or flavor of kindness: Let time be

We wake up each morning, rush to the office, forget to display that healthy smile, surrendering – instead – to the cold comfort of oblivion. Oblivion towards the wonders of life, towards what we enjoy the most, a complete acceptance of automatism. At a quick glance, must of us are grumpy, craving for that energy-bosting giant cup of coffee.

Day 1 of flavor of kindness: Patience

You see, people – times and often – judge teachers. Why? Because they might be raising their voices to cover the noise of 20 or more kids, because they straighten up their kids’ behavior and, sometimes, not in the kindest way; because they want to communicate with the parent about their child’s not-that-fine way of being in the community. Stop! Rules? Hmm… But that’s another topic.

Kindness is the flavor of the season

Some of us believe that finding the best in others, perceiving them as humans – above all – and letting kindness display its glow is more important. However, as I am a dreamer, yet question many things (most of them way beyond the surface), I wonder: do we understand exactly what kindness is? What does kindness drive as consequence? In few words: why should we be kind? Can we see kindness as the flavor of the perennial season of life? And what do we do to reach it, if it’s not innate?

Letter to today’s journalism and media industry

   – Letter to today’s journalism and media industry –

I was never the kind of role model citizen, in the means of sustaining this nation till the end of the world. Actually, there were plenty of times when I felt as if I should have been born somewhere else. However, as years slipped through my fingers, I made the choice to pick up one good thing from here, another one from there, to spread a good vibe and the vision that there’s still hope, to people around me.


Lessons to learn:

We, as people, are mean; yet we need to spread love… Fighting for things to change;

Learn to care and we’ll master empathy;

Look around us and take the necessary action if we have a strange feeling – that “something’s about to happen” feeling;

Comfort the people who need a shoulder;

Stop the rush – time is relative…