The act of giving

I stated a few times that, for a passionate writer, everything becomes an idea. For me, this works great, especially when I focus on it. However, lately I’ve turned my attention to another passion of mine, leaving writing to go with the flow (to be read “write when I really feel it”), not imposing some kind of routine. Some may believe this is not a healthy way of writing, but remember I am not a masses follower, rather my heart is the one to guide my actions.

Anyhow, this morning, while having my wake up coffee, I found my mind to be flooded by the song in the link below….

Pentatonix – Little drummer boy

As I was listening to the lyrics, I realized: it’s not how much you have to give that matters, but the purity of the act of giving itself! Which, if done from the bottom of your soul, without awaiting anything I return, will bring that exquisite feeling of fulfilment!

The song is about a little boy that has nothing to give but his talent of playing the drums, yet he does it with the ultimate passion and offers it as a gift to the new born King.

Alike him, each and everyone of us can bring the gift of giving to the people around us. Be it only by sharing a good thought at the right moment to someone in need or by making a donation for overcoming calamities; even when helping someone in the office with a piece of information or while passing by a stranger and offering just a sincere smile; being true should also be considered as an act of giving, as every little thing that inspires the others to be their best version is a gift.

Why bring someone an expensive present – that may lose its way over the years – when we have such an extraordinary and free (!) gift at hand, which can last for a lifetime?

What I’m saying is: Take your eyes off your phone for a minute, look around you and send a smile. Giving it from the bottom of your heart…

Free gifts will always have the greatest impact. Try it 🙂

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