A dreamer’s parallel universe – A story about LOVE

            I am a dreamer and an idealist by nature. So, below I describe the concept of unconditional love, as seen thru the lenses of one who made the choice to be led by this beautiful feeling, by all means.

            Dreamers are considered to have their own parallel universe. Well, indeed they do. They live in a completely different world than the others, most of them are compassionate, like to see the beauty around them and try to show it to the people they get in touch with.

            But a dreamer also knows that this is the real thing that matters. That higher consciousness is what all people shall discover sooner or later. When the consumerism world collapses, we will have to look inside ourselves and understand what really makes the difference. Chasing money and wealth will be of no importance once this world’s dimensions change. Beautiful people are the ones to be allowed  passing thru the gate of this new dimension and the world will change for the better. Some people say this moment is closer than we could have ever imagined. Energies are shifting, thus we need to do something for ourselves and others. And love is the key to this world’s evolution.

universal love
Credits: https://appleofgodseye.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/161.jpg

             In a dreamer’s parallel universe, Love is the utmost treasure. Because love for everyone and everything is the star with the most intense blare. Love breaks all boundaries of a glass perception, displayed by a plastic society, driven by virtual brainwashing environment.

              Love is what brings color to butterflies, love is the one drawing compassion and the one to fill the empty cup of selfishness, turning it into a goblet made of gratitude; Love drives passion and decreases the midget of anger; Love doesn’t jump to conclusions, rather clamber up the mountains of trust; Love bares no judgement, rather understands and always finds its way thru the dark forest of doubt, guided by faith; Love never requires silence of thoughts, rather brings a voice to a silent star; Love is made of care and parts oceans for keeping others untouched by the hunger of crushing waves; Love goes thru fire without a second thought, just to rescue a soul.

          The hands of Love can heal a fallen angel and melt tones of ice, by surrounding it with an outburst of warmth. Love bares no chains around its wrists, as is never selfish, rather unlocks the freedom of choice. The face of Love never wears a mask, rather comes undone, showing the importance of being true.

          Regardless of the angle one looks at it or how deep one tries to bury it, Love is what builds the strongest bridge between souls and reveals the strongest shine. 

            The only thing Love can’t provide is disappointment. That’s an unknown concept to Love, as disappointment lives light-years far way, giving the 2 the slightest chances to ever making acquaintances…



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