A queen without a king

       We’re all kings and queens, in our own special way. Each one of us has a kingdom to rule and people who admire our status, either we want this or not. However, when kings and queens build an alliance, their kingdoms enlarge and their power amplifies.

        But what about a queen without a king? Does she seem helpless, ready to faint, or would she stand tall? She might… Or she may not.

        Kings have a weird way of showing their will to living in peace and cease attempts of war. But queens? Queens are always in control of their armies (at least on the outside), maybe taking most of their wars inside their minds. But peace rules their kingdoms and they have the power to display a shining steady crown wherever they go.

         A queen knows what she wants and uses all her weapons to fight against the villains, win the war of disbelief and rebuild ruins of self-esteem. Her army has captain Strong Will in charge and her maids are Dream, Determination and Love. These 4 trustworthy councilors guide their beloved queen thru closed door-discussions to polish her strength and clean up the throne of inner beauty. They gently raise the curtains of her chamber, to let sun in when she’s dripping bitter tears of deceit. They make sure her clothes are always well-groomed, so that her pride would bear no fold.

       Nevertheless, a queen’s royal status will never allow swords to cross on defending her against malware. She knows she needs to face it, but she asks for the help of Kindness and she’s a thorough apprentice to self-improvement techniques. Not even the blue blood can spare her from the claws of hurt and even the portraits of ancestors fail to save her from the lessons life has to teach her. All the spells of world’s greatest sorcerers could never defend her honor well enough unless she makes her voice heard. So, she wisely has to plan her every move and guide her armor to break thru the clouds, so that she can wear her confidence gown at the ball tonight.

queen ring
Photo Credits: Pinterest

         However, a queen is most likely to be walking her path alone, looking out for her people… (That king on a white horse just won’t show up… Such a pity…!) She will stumble upon dark swamps, but rise again and again with her crown standing straight. Especially if the land of accomplishment needs to be conquered. Her true strength lies in the attention she gives to carefully choosing her advisers and the amount of trust she invests them with. But her recognition to valuable people will always be publicly displayed, in a constant effort to aggrandize them, all of a piece with their efforts. Her scepter appoints knights and breaks the boundaries of injustice.

     A worthy queen knows she is the strong shadow behind the king she will eventually share the diamonds in her crown with. And truly believes that the king will know her worth and always catch her fragile perspective. Though she doesn’t actually needs it… Her kingdom is safe enough…


2 Replies to “A queen without a king”

  1. An awakened queen knows that the divine queen and king reside within in perfect union from the moment of conception. There is no separation, only peace, harmony and co-existence with nature, the universe. There is only acceptance of reality as it unfolds meaningful lessons through all life’s challenges. There are no battles or wars to win. Kings and queens reign as silent observers, their greatest teacher. OBSERVATION!!! 🙌


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