A different kind of mom – book excerpt

Parenting is just like a roller coaster: when you think you reached the peak, by having all covered, the down slope shows up. Amplified by tiredness, dissatisfaction and frustrations. Someone says “No rest for the wicked”… But, guess what, everyone deserves to rest, for battery recharge. Even the most wicked ones. Then, why wouldn’t you, as a (single) parent, have this right? Yet, the full-time job as a parent stands tall in front of you and tells you: “Now you are not allowed to do that, or that or say that and do things considering nothing and no-one else but yourself”. ‘Cause you can’t! You have destinies in your hands and you need to shape them right way. You can’t let them fall to pieces, rather you need to build them up.

Sunshine Blogger Award

What greater recognition could a “wannabe” writer get than having their name shining on a award nominees list? I, for one, have no words to thank enough to this gifted writer that showed me appreciation when I thought no one really cared! (well I do have my followers – few, but I’d rather take quality over quantity 😉 ).

A dreamer’s parallel universe – A story about LOVE

Dreamers are considered to have their own parallel universe. Well, indeed they do. They live in a completely different world than the others, most of them are compassionate, like to see the beauty around them and try to show it to the people they get in touch with. (…)

 In a dreamer’s parallel universe, Love is the utmost treasure. Because love for everyone and everything is the star with the most intense blare. Love breaks all boundaries of a glass perception displayed by a plastic society, driven by virtual brainwashing environment.

A queen without a king

A queen knows what she wants and uses all her weapons to fight against the villains and win the war of disbelief and rebuild ruins of self-esteem. Her army has captain Strong Will in charge and the her maids are Dream, Determination and Love. These 4 trustworthy councilors guide their beloved queen thru closed door-discussions to polish her strength and clean up the throne of inner beauty. They gently raise the curtains of her chamber, to let sun in when she’s dripping bitter tears of deceit. Her clothes are always well-groomed, so that her pride would bear no fold.