When you dream, there’s only one way: upwards, straight, forward… Call it as you wish, but all these words point to the same meaning: ascending path.

      Achieving goals will never be easy, still the hard work will pay off one day.

    And, as a starting point, I think: I am here, right now and I want to make my now better than what’s already gone. I consider my future, without living in it. Thus, I make a list of desires and try to accomplish, one by one. Brick by brick. Everyday building a bit. But never give up! Building my future now!

     This is what dreaming is about. Not just waiting for the world to revolve around me, in hopes I’ll get what I want. That’s no dreaming, that’s wishing in vain.

    Therefore, if you wish the direction of your life to change and take the turn YOU WANT, you need to put your bones at work, toss the dice and make your mind follow your pick. Just do it! Today! If you’ll wait for that moment when you are completely sure of yourself as being ready and the moment to be right, you’ll never going to be ready. You’ll just be postponing it forever and ever.

     So, yeah… Get up into those 2 feet you have and go! Follow that burning wish of yours. Dive into your passion and let enthusiasm guide your steps. Let that sparkle in your eyes be seen and the genius of your own mind shine bright through it all.

   Once you’ve made up you mind towards an ascending highway, believe me: you’ll never settle for less and you’ll never stop. Not even when reaching the finish line and grab the flag. The race will keep on going, in the means of continuous self-improvement. But it doesn’t have to be a high-speed race. No, no. It would better be a tempered one, considering all the bumps, but taking your chances and trusting yourself.

      Wish you all wisdom and good luck with your goals!



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