I promote intelligence, kindness, inner beauty, patience and love”

         People tend to mis-interpret the concept of “being fashionable”. But that’s not exactly their fault. But of mass media. I’ve published before an article about my view on masses and media.


       You see, media communicates its opinion on the mentioned concept. If we tend to follow the masses, we will, indeed, accept this idea. However, if we don’t believe in this concept, we may find some other things as being fashionable. Like… Intelligence, kindness, inner beauty, patience and love.

        Unlike the passing trends of imposed fashion, these 5 will never lose their shine. And will never be outdated. They have an evergreen life and, like the fake fashion, they can be contagious. Have you ever heard the expression “You’ve been hanging out too long with X, thus you tend to become a mirror of them“?. Well, that’s the truth. We do take on (even if unconsciously) gestures, words, thoughts and views of the people we surround ourselves with. Preferably, after a strong filtering and without being subjective.

     Now, my question is: what would this world be like if, instead of clothing or technology or brain-chewing TV shows, we would share smartness, kindness, inner beauty, patience and love? Would we still be chatting about industry stars’ latest achievements or would we be discussing life-improving strategies and personal dreams? Would we still get that feeling of being inferior to others or would we be able to salute originality?


       In my perspective, being fashionable has nothing to do with everything money can buy for opulence. I take the chance of being labeled as crazy or a dreamer (the latter I accept 😉 ), still I would be at peace if masses would think about it. Not everyone has to agree, no one needs to approve. What I would find beneficial, would be just an objective thought… And about their own range of values and the real expenses of life.

        As I like to tell people around me, the choice is always yours! You have the power to mold your ideas and take action, for your own well-being.


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