A trustworthy team

“I am a dreamer by design. A believer by choice. And a lover by fate.”

          This description of my own self may be a bit… Misleading. However, the 3 attributes above, mixed with a bit of star-dust and stirred up in a glass of hope, give the greatest asset I poses: passion.

You see, every step I take, regardless the field, has Desire as a companion. Furthermore, if I can do what I like most, then you bet this little stubborn elf will become restless!


Desire is what steers the wheel of fortune, is the one guiding our steps to pursue dreams when the path gets crowded and twisted, is the one lifting our heads above the crowds and the one infusing trust into our bones. If this little friend is well fed, it will never set foot on a still ground. Moreover, it will push us to get up when we feel like sticking our heads into the mud and never come out again.

Believe it or not, the world in our heads is hiding many extraordinary characters, such as the one embodied in my stubborn elf. Once you trust desire enough to give it a free hand, you can forget about disappointment and challenges. How come? Challenges become “just one more step towards my dream” and disappointment can be replaced by “I will get it right this time, no matter what”. In few words: these 2 become 1 and melt into Courage – an enlightened sorcerer, ready to show you to the world.


Courage, with its tremendous spells, will give the elf the power of flight, then pour pixie dust on desire’s wings, saving it from the claws of prejudice monster.

Now, courage and desire are free to team up, providing you a meaning and the readiness to keep the line straight in meeting the greatest and the strongest leader of all: Passion.


Having passion as a fairy Godmother, holding your hand, you can achieve anything. You can trust that dragons, such as uncertainty and fear, will step away from your lane and all odds become part of a (mind)set meant to take you to the stars.

Trust the team these 3 characters (Desire, Courage and Passion) make and you will understand how to set up your ladder to the sky…


*How would YOU define passion?*

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