Here and now… Live strong!

 Quote from real life:

“Live strong!”
      “I used to have a bracelet with this very message…”
      “But you don’t need a bracelet, you’ve been doing it for some time now!”

    I’m an over-thinker, so over-analyzing every angle of an event/ situation is what I used to do best. I’m a dreamer, so the future used to be part of me, by definition. Present was the only time I would avoid living in.

    However, I have recently realized some crucial aspect of my existence: this world doesn’t always feel like home, but life is to be acknowledged, accepted and lived. In the present. For avoiding expectations → deceit → unhappiness.

    This may be the most daring exercise I have ever engaged myself in. The most challenging task I am willing to take for the long run. But I’m sure is all worth it!

    Nevertheless, the more I understand its meaning, the less I seem to respond to it. The more I reach for joy, the less I feel I belong; the more I try to be just now, the more I seem to be dreaming; the more I reach for peace, the less I seem to live strong; the more I try to stay calm, the more I ignite; the more I think I come in control, the more I understand I know nothing; the more I realize I don’t fully understand, the less I can take charge of myself; the harder I try to change the stars longing for playlist, the more often I listen to it. It seems like the more I want to reach that stillness, the more I lose its trace.

    Living in the moment isn’t easy. It requires a lot of will, discipline and commitment. But it has amazing benefits: you can witness the dance of autumn leaves, you can realize how shadows find their crib in human mind, you acknowledge the happiness of hearing the flutter of a bird, you perceive the time slowing down for a bit, just for you to observe the beauty; the wind playing with your hair seems lighter and sweeter; the stop light turns red exactly when you want to note something down; you lose the rush and take a minute to listen! Your mind presents its thanks by loosing some of the weight you tormented it with. And this, my friend, is amazing and addictive.

    Yes, living in the present, though seems unreal and so hard to attain, brings the ultimate peaceful state of mind. And I’m on it. I need to get there, yet I consider it the utmost challenge: being real, while living strong, in the present… I used to believe this was for enlightened people only and I wouldn’t think about getting a chance to it. But, as you never know what life holds in store for you, surprises arise everywhere. This is something we all hold on our hands! All we need to do is wish for and act to it!

         Quote from real life:
“Dream of life… Then wake up and live it!”


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