Write, girl, write!

*** Dream, sketch, act, expose ***

Days and days…

Some days I could spend every second writing. Let it all out. Revealing every little thought causing anxiety, weakness, boundaries, tension, disbelief, doubt, failures; exposing all my lines of strength, love, care, passion, beliefs, dreams, goals, energy, imagination, views… The moments I spend writing are value-added. Spending my time composing feels like touching the sky and heading to different dimensions; I feel like my wings greet the wind and accept guiding me to the unknown.

 Stars are our home and among them shall we return

Sometimes I have many topics pending. One phrase here, another one there; they don’t melt, there’s no connection between them. But they patiently wait their turn for getting elaborated.

And some days… (sigh) I can’t even put 2 words side by side… When these days happen, I feel guilty. Guilt to my self, guilt to my mind being on reboot, as I like to call it. These days are lost days, from my point of view, as there’s nothing going out off my hands to the world. When I don’t write, I feel stuck. If I fail the magic formula of writing, I feel like waving my wand for no reason in this world.

Inevitably, things like this happen. To everyone. The important thing is to acknowledge, accept and let go. Allow one’s mind to relax, every now and then. Especially when we lose focus. But sketch. Can’t bury the truth within…

Lately, I felt like floating in acceptance, without the passion of living. I felt… lost. I still have that feeling shading me. But I know it will pass. I know I’m on the verge of rising again. I know… I feel things already shifting. For the good. For another round of strength; for another hit of inspiration; for another step to my dream; for one more attempt to speak my truth.

So, you can call this a journal page, but I’m going to keep on writing, till there’s nothing left of this shape of mine… But star-dust…


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