Autumn rhapsody

“Everyone dies/ But not everyone lives/ 
Everyone takes/ But not everyone gives…”

[listen to: Sofia Karlberg – Gold]

I so much miss home… That home people like to call the shell of depression.

Though “home” is actually, the greatest palace of all. There’s no illness there, but an unconscious will of becoming aware of self evolution. Once we step over the entrance, we want to walk further into oneness. People call it suicidal thought. I name this a call to stillness and mindfulness. People tend to get scared of this; I think we should embrace this state of mind and look for the answers within.

Stars are out there to guide us towards our true selves, to wake that long fallen asleep consciousness. Their dust is made of knowledge pieces. In all their wildly colors, with all the shades in between (merely adjusted quote), stars welcome our longing for endless love and union, perceived as alienation by people.


This life seems to me like a childish game in a grown up world! Amazing! Grown-ups with childish desires, yet drowning themselves in unimportant details and surrendering their souls to set their goals towards grabbing the greatest gold ingot. Others have goals of becoming enlightened creatures. Some dream about never-ending material enrichment, while others want to get to the point of having nothing, but peace.

Someone told me: “We’re each other’s keepers“. This made me understand, once more, that we should all dance in the rhythm of an autumn rhapsody, instead of marching towards mass destruction. This means that we should care for each other, provide mutual help and understanding, while aiming for fulfillment.

[listen to: Dabin – Hold (feat. Daniela Andrade)]

In previous article’s used picture caption, I stated as capture: “Stars are our home and among them we shall return“. We see stars as being tiny spots from down here, but they have the greatest power in spreading light! That’s what I call home


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