Art and science. Common traits?

          What is science? What are studies? Scientific studies… Especially the ones having as object the human mind and, therefore, behavior? If you ask me, studies are just a way for people to feel secure about their vulnerabilities, a way of telling they know what you are, a way of… Well… Boxing. A way of categorizing everything. A way of building patterns and influence masses to follow them.

   What is art, on the other hand? To the patterns?!? Something that can’t be bottled up. Something that they can’t put up with. Something speaking for itself and screaming creativity from any angle. How many great artists (regardless of the field) followed the masses? Merely none. How were they seen during their work? Being mind-disordered. How are they seen 100 years later? Great minds. So, why wait for our bodies to be put inside a wooden box, in order to go for what inspires our passion?

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   We, as beings, are always looking for approval and appreciation, as a sign of our value. We fear rejection, therefore we find security in keeping our personal views in the vault. However, a free mind may say “What can I get rejected for? An original idea, they can’t agree on, yet, as they are not ready to understand”.

     Now a – maybe hard to chew on – idea. Can you figure out the answer to the question “What do scientists and artists have in common?“. Can you see the point they actually meet in? No? Well, in my opinion they have only 1 common trait: they embrace their views and leave behind the need for approval. They couldn’t care less about either their work will finally get world-wide acceptance or not. They know their minds are great and, sooner or later, someone will understand what they’ve put their souls into. They slip thru the masses. They don’t allow the wind to wipe out their beliefs – they put them on canvas or in a scientific treaty. They don’t look for an indigo to copy the blueprint, they avoid frustrations by exposing themselves in originality. And they walk alone, if necessary. They take chances and feel happy about it.

    I’d rather be free-falling from a cloud, than be the line within the walls of a box. I create art, be it accepted or not. Be it the art of understanding, or the art of confusion. Be it the art of shamelessly committing to paper what I feel, or the art of casting a loving squint. Be it the art of building my stairs for reaching a dream, or the art of seeing into your soul. I’m the artist of my own choices and the designer of my own glory! And I need no science for this…


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