1 Good thought to give to yourself. Wake-up call: Oxygen infusion

    Lately, I’m more and more drawn into what is going on in this world. Meaning that a piece of news can touch me deeper than ever before. Some say this is part of the becoming-aware process. Could be. But, regardless of the name of this, I know I’m experiencing an interesting episode. As well as I have something to say and that I need to pass it on, to all of you.

   Long story short, today I need to ring another alarm. This time on oxygen providers: trees.

   The day before yesterday, while I was “tuned” into world disasters, I came across some article. As I was reading the comments, I got intrigued. Someone wrote: “Trees regenerate; we should care about people, not useless things”. In that instant, I recalled a face to face conversation I had about a month ago with a dear friend. He said: “Compared to people, trees actually benefit this world”. Trying to build a bridge between these 2 points of view, I realized that’s impossible. Because my friend is damn right!

    While people tend to be more and more eager to destroy surroundings, trees feed every living creature. They provide the most valuable “asset” of this world: oxygen.

     Now, to put up an answer for the first guy I mentioned, I say: Dude, you try to breath for an hour in a polluted area, then go for a walk in a park. Or escape for a week into an oasis. Now, can you tell the difference? Where do you feel more likely to inhale beneficial air?

     I’ll always go for the green… Just think about the energy you get when connecting to a healthy zone. And you’re charged no dime for the favor! And then think about your state of mind when returning to civilization. Is there anything strange going on within you? Strange as in “I don’t want to go back there (in the city)”. If something similar happens to you, I believe is time for you to hear this out: Take a good look around you and admit that we CANNOT live without trees!

      As for me? I’d rather make use of the advantages provided by today’s technology, instead of printing a receipt… Paperwork can wait until a sequoia tree is all grown up!


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