Message to the world: When disaster strikes… Time to change!

       I saw a post, re-posted it on my Facebook profile. A video about an empty area, about people waiting for disaster to hit their doors, about people who have already left and about people having nowhere to shelter from it. I felt outrage, I felt deep disappointment, I felt discourage and I felt the helplessness in those images.

   I read comments, hundreds of them. Some people guided the photographer to run, others were writing words of encouragement for the best outcome from this sad experience.

    People are afraid of loosing everything, including their lives. But some people are just too stubborn to leave a dangerous place. Those people just wait… (Of course, no one can force them.) Maybe some of them rely on their trust and faith in God. However, regardless the power of faith and hope, people need to be brave enough and admit they might meet God the next moment if they take no action by themselves.

     A hurricane is terrible!. I’ve seen news on the topic (God forbid to ever face it in real life!). Don’t know why I never felt what I feel now. Have no clue why I never understood the real pain inside all of this. But today is different. Today I am scared. I am afraid for all people having to experience such thing, wherever they are from, no matter their roots, no matter their hearts, regardless their beliefs. Yes, I admit! I am afraid for human beings; I am afraid for helpless animals (though it’s said they feel it coming and they hit the highway way before people); I am afraid for billions of trees that will never get to grow, for old trees that will have their roots taken out of the ground, for tiny elegant flowers being pulled and wiped out. I am afraid!

    This takes me back to my “What if…?” article. And I think… If we were better, would all of this still happen? Should we have been forced to go thru all this torment, be it only on a thoughtful conscious level? Would we, actually, be learning to feel hurt for others and consider everyone part of this infinite creation? Would we be directing our good thoughts and hopes to the ones facing this?

     I don’t know, I can’t tell. But I’m afraid!

    All of you our there that still have a place to be living in tomorrow, still have everyone around you safe, still have food to decorate your tables and stomachs with, still get to see the light of sun the next minute, still having the happiness of hearing a song, still having the joy of touching a living flower and pet a healthy animal, hold your child’s or parent’s or a friends’ hand, be grateful! Because tomorrow may never come. Be thankful today. Wake up, wipe your eyes and stop being concerned by useless things. Enjoy what you have, while it lasts. Pray for the ones in need and help whoever you can, whatever way you can! Be good! Stop spreading hatred, stop judging, stop blaming, stop killing, stop devastating places, people, feelings with your bare hands! Stop fabricating greedy ideas for personal welfare. Stop doing this to YOU and OTHERS!

     To all of you going thru crucial moments right now: today’s Saint – Anna – and God guide you!

God spread bliss around the globe! 

All love,

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