Finder’s, keeper’s

      No matter what it is, when you find something you like/want/love/need, keep it. Never let go. Fight hard, if you have to, but don’t let go. Ever!

      Experience is a great teacher. Short story of today… Do you know the runner in cartoons? Well, picture me in that landscape. I was like that little running thing, but for solving stuff, not escaping the coyote. Well.. By the time the day was already half, I realized it’s Saint Mary’s name day. My elder kid’s day. And I had NO TOY! So, the runner speeds up again during sleep hours…  For a particular piece of toy. Actually, two. And I found one. All good. Then I searched all nearby stores for the second one (2 kids, 2 similar toys – different heroes, different colors, same concept – with vehicle. Dang!). The irony? Yesterday, the toy was there, but I didn’t realize the upcoming event. Today, it was gone. So I had to find a… Substitute. No vehicle, though.

       Moral of the story? As said in the beginning, never refuse yourself the pleasure of small things, that can brighten your day or someone else’s. I just did for my child. And I felt awful!

      Coming back to personal development stage, I don’t mean to go for things we think we can’t live without, on the spot. We still need to filter stuff. But, if we really feel that thing/ experience may bring an added value to us, I firmly believe we should go for it (without feeling guilty about it, but considering not to involve hurting others in the achievement process).

    What do I mean by “Finder’s, keeper’s”? Well… I guess that’s a principle a bit mis-interpreted. From my point of view, we should use “Finder’s, keeper’s” for too personal stuff. But “Finder’s, sharer’s”, when it comes to helping others grow. Or lift their spirit. Or make them see their inner hero and let it unveil. One example? If you find spotlight without looking for it, but you see someone needing it, make room. You can coordinate from backstage, if necessary.


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