When there are at least 2 things we enjoy in this life, we find ourselves in the position of balancing them. We want to accomplish both, therefore we will do our best to make the 2 things meet into a joint point (or take turns, on a regular basis). For this, we need lots of good ambition and consistency. This is a way of avoiding frustrations.

Balance should, however, be applied in all fields, not only passions. For instance, as in a previous writing, I prefer alternating busy periods with a shut down time. Balance is also in place when you manage to build a bridge between a peaceful family life and job, as well as job and passion. Balance is heaving a healthy diet and breathing happiness.

Balance is the key to a healthy mindset. But I believe is the hardest to attain, as we only focus on our day to day lives. We strive to gather material things, which we will not take with us on the other side. While life is actually passing us by…

We choose to direct our focus on the issues around us, instead of pointing direction to what we have and see the beauty; we choose to hold grudges, instead of understanding circumstances; we choose to become frustrated, instead of joining efforts to accomplish dreams.

Balance… That invisible friend which can lead us to meeting its master: peace of mind

This article (like many of the ones I lay on this blog – except the ones inspired by experiences already lived), is – in the first place – a piece of advice to my own self. As a human being, I’m trying hard to overcome my insecurities, my frustrations, my fears… And achieve balance. For – I admit – I can only perceive either black or white. Gray is not an option for me (sometimes I wonder if this is wrong or right). Especially when it comes to my relationships with the outside world. The second purpose of this article, in particular, is a call to action addressed to everyone. To do better than I do. To be the best version of themselves…

So, I show the flag and hope one day we will all get there: to meet and greet the master…


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