Rainbow in the sky

          When you try to make the best out of it, things start to come together. When you see everything on a black background, things have a tendency to fall apart. When you put your mind at work, things reveal. When you remain stuck in a point, nothing makes sense. When you enjoy things, nothing else matters, it doesn’t feel like an effort. When you find no pleasure in what you do, every task may become a burden.

    All you need is to open your eyes. Take a good look inside and outside. Think it thru and stand up. As long as you have 2 arms, 2 legs and a brain, you should always look for the bright side. In any situation. You can’t find it? Take a turn and look the other way. Is possible to find joy in any small thing. This is a journey you must learn to enjoy. For everything, but everything, happens for a reason. Though life is not pink with each step. Maybe more “ish” that pink.

    At some point, in this journey, you will find that rainbow guiding your steps. If you’re lucky enough, you may even get a double rainbow. And then things will get better. Your perception will change. All your efforts will start to pay off. Therefore, never stop believing the rainbow is out there, at the end of a storm. Storms never last forever. Neither do rainbows. However, as long as your rainbow is on your sky, count and feel every color of it. Every shade is a part of you that needs attention. Every range of colors is a lesson to learn. When you went thru all the colors, therefore they’re all gone, the sun will be there to guide you further.

    If you still can’t see that colors show put up for you by the rays of sun, grab your brush and start painting it. Choose your colors and remove the clouds. Maybe even a unicorn will be part of the landscape as you draw it 🙂


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