A break from the world

    At times, all of a sudden, we shut away from people. We barely answer the phone, ignore messages, have no will for human contact. Some people would call us thick-skinned, others call us f*ck-off-ers, others call us distant; others could even go that far in believing we could live like this forever. People see this as a sign of being cocky. But there are very few wondering why are we doing this. It’s easier to point a finger instead of asking, in a short text, if everything is OK.

    They don’t understand this is not permanent. Is just a break from the world. A complete cut-off, for personal recharge. From any angle, the perception is similar: we’re avoiding everyone. And, in fact, that is exactly what we do. Be it for a day, a week, a month or even several months in a row. Because we need it! Because we’ve been put down so many times and we’ve come to realize the only one we can truly trust is hidden within ourselves. Because we need to figure out the next step, without being judged.

 Therefore, we choose some alone time. Quality time, as I call it. During this episode we get unplugged from all sources, we re-connect with nature, we slow everything down and we come to understand our own selves better; we get the chance to learn stuff and sketch a dream; we get to do what we like; we get to think clearly; we take our time to get rid of unhealthy thoughts, to cry and heal our wounds, to gather our forces and rise again, leaving behind a trace of burning ashes. We get to – fully – mind our own business, without interference. And without the need to answer the everlasting question “Why?” Just looking for balance…

    Catching your breath, away from the world, is refreshing… I experience this every time… 


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