In the swing

    Kids love the swing and the slide; kids love to improvize and are keen to laugh fairly; kids love hopscotch;  kids love playing in the sand, jumping with the crashing waves, building sand castles, making friends; roller skating, drawing with a piece of chalk and painting everything, riding a bicycle, playing ball and jumping in the mud; running, dancing, putting on role-plays; smelling a flower, chasing a dog, blowing bubbles and staring at a butterfly’s wings flutter; kids love lollipops, ice cream and chocolate. Simplified, they enjoy every little thing and they love to get dirty. The greater the dirt, the happier their hearts.

    They are cool in their own way, each one with a unique personality. They don’t actually care if you – as a grown up – approve their games; they will keep minding their business till they are taken home; they don’t care if other kids agree with their way of being –  whoever likes, can join. They forget and forgive easily.

    Little things matter and kids know how to show it. A caress on the forehead, a hug and a kiss  – that’s all it takes for a boo-boo to be healed; tripping is just an opportunity to get up and keep on running; having a castle destroyed is just a reason for building an even greater one; playing in the sand is a chance to share; eating in the park is a chance to be offered something better than mommy has; joining hands is the greatest sign of trust and love. In few words, everything you need to understand for a joyful living is proven by kids.

    Parents and, generally, grown-ups should learn some priceless lessons from children:
  • love people for who they are, not for what they look like – see the soul before you analyze the looks. (I know that apparel gives the first impression, but it should be the other way round);
  • failure provides a new opportunity for becoming even stronger;
  • sharing, from the bottom of your heart, always gets repaid; so, the purpose should be giving without expecting something in return;
  • ask for what you want; no one will guess what’s on your mind; ask what one means, don’t think you know what they’re thinking;
  • at least, try to smile through thick and thin;
  • take the time to lay on the grass and watch the passing clouds;
  • sketch your dream and paint it in your own colors;
  • when you see mud, make your way thru it;
  • let creativity show up;
  • when you give someone the chance to hold your hand, value the feelings involved and cherish every moment.

    Kids… Lovely hard-to-raise creatures, with so many important things to show…

  Of course, we could see the less pleasant aspects as well, but what’s the point? We need to acknowledge what is inspiring and teach them – and ourselves – likewise.

    Bottom line? As a kid loves to adventure in the swing, so must we enjoy the ups and downs in our lives; take the next step, regardless of who’s watching, not considering possible judgement and labels placed on our back.

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