Piano and me

    I just realized that today is the first day of fall season. It goes so well with the topic I chose to share with you all 🙂 I love autumn for its healing colors… And is the perfect environment for piano!

    I always loved the piano. It has a special strength, but also an amazing softness to the ear. Its accords are able to break through any boundaries, in such a beautiful way! Its keys have the power to bring a heart to despair or to resurrect it.

    The passion you find in people playing it… is hard to quantify; has no comparison. They live what they play. And I believe this is amazing, from any point you may be glancing at it. Moreover, people who are in love with the piano don’t even do it for a paycheck. It’s just infinite joy and hard work (except for the people to which this is a constraint from their families – this is cruel; because these people only feed egos and cannot fully enjoy this act of art).

    I, personally, had a few attempts of touching those wonders, called keys. (I had so many attempts for so many things I love; nevertheless, seems like only writing managed to keep me going.) Due to some kind of unfavorable circumstances, my application to arts school was rejected by the time I was 7, as it was considered that my fingers were tiny. Now, I could easily cover a scale and a half of the keyboard. It may be too late, though I believe I would enjoy it more than I would have had back then.

    When I was young I couldn’t truly understand the feelings playing the piano could provide. Today I do. That peace of mind this instrument spreads, that drive of seeing the beauty around, that passion for living, that company for dreaming, the calm of deep thoughts, the surreal connection to the world! All these are being inspired by the king of instruments, as I see it. And what’s ever greater?  The piano can be mixed with any other instrument, but have its voice being heard through it all.

    My soul rejoys it to the fullest; my brain can rest when listening to it. And this is what I’m looking for…


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