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MonthSeptember 2017

A kid today, a grown up tomorrow…

  One more aspect I learned to be true, is the fact that each connection parents make has a great impact on the little ones. If parents try hard to find themselves, are kind to others and frequently visit beneficial circles of people, at some point in their lives, kids will – sometimes involuntary – choose something resembling to this path. They will develop similar interests and will look up to the same behavior typology.

1 cup of coffee, 1 spoon of sugar, music and my time alone, thank you!

Some people will never (at least try to) understand that some of us may have a different way of running our operating systems. For instance, think of a computer: the hardware is usually still, while the memory executes; of course, there are small components moving all the time, but we can’t see that if the box is closed. Moreover, we will never understand the amount of electricity that needs to “fuel” the hardware, in order to make the software functional.

Autumn rhapsody

Stars are out there to guide us towards our true selves, to wake that long fallen asleep consciousness. Their dust is made of knowledge pieces. In all their wildly colors, with all the shades in between (merely adjusted quote), stars welcome our longing for endless love and union, perceived as alienation by people.