The bitch in me… Reflections, reflections…

           Inner battles are the hardest to recognize, in terms of acceptance. But, the real dwell begins once we acknowledge their existence, somewhere deep. Unfortunately, our reflections stop being easy to guess and we hardly see anything but an erased face; we are on the verge of anguish and we face our most feared enemy – us, in the position of decision-making. That’s when we choose to set it free. It: the monster, the bitch, the embodiment of negative power. That’s the moment we allow it to torture our minds and steer our direction.


   Thank God, part of it has already left me! Loosing it was the best thing that could have happened to me!


   There are people trying so hard to reveal the well-kept-in-a-vault bitch in me. Why? Why would you be so stubborn as to wish for unleashing it? I need to keep it locked, but you come begging me to release it. That bitch would be dragging you into the danger zone and chew on your heart. Do you really need this? I could easily take you there, but I fear for your safety. I wouldn’t recommend reaching for its place. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.



    Its greatest cravings are spreading countless destroying vibes and let the dark rule over this soul of mine. Its food range is based on innuendos and lies (and the thing is very hungry now). Its strength is given by sucking up aggressiveness. When looking for it, bear in mind that it’s been wandering free in the past. It’s been fed up for too long! And I’ve had some hard time capturing it!


    But, you know what? I ran out of this thing’s menu. You will have to try harder, as I don’t need this. I shall keep it in a cold dungeon, till it is willing enough to metamorphose into a fairy. And turn these challenges down, instead of confronting them. It wouldn’t be able to cope with this for the time being. So, let it be. Let it struggle in those chains.


    I love people; I love peace of mind; I don’t fancy a twisted life. I don’t want to be a prisoner of this character any longer. Like in a story with villains and good guys, I wish to hand the trophy to the hero. I’m searching for light, not a black hole to be drawn towards. I need to keep that sweetie pie alive. Thus, I choose to walk away from whoever might be willing to feed the beast. Until I will be able to answer challenges with a smile… I want to see the entire reflection in my mirror! So, just let the ashes fall…



[listen to: Sofia Karlberg – Let it go]


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