Beautiful people, live strong!

           Beauty… A great concept, misunderstood by humans. No magazine will ever disclose the true meaning of it; no industry star will ever have that real glow; no 5 o’clock news will ever bring its true meaning upfront; neither will Google picture it. We are being dragged into doctrines and fake. We are suggested botoxed lips and bottoms, hair extensions, false eyelashes, pumped up silicone breasts and many more. Furthermore, we will never be encouraged to be ourselves.

[listen to: Peruquois – Be yourself]

As I open my eyes to the world, I know: we have so many BEAUTIFUL people around us! People miles away, that we might have met only once in our lives (in flesh), but who keep safe a memory of few moments; people we didn’t see for years, but still ask “How are you?”; people we just meet and immediately feel connected to, because of their shining soul; people lighting our day just as we give them a thought; people that hold our hand and, without any word, encourage us with a “Let’s get that shine inside you emerging” look; people we can come undone to; people that we silently keep in a safe, closest to the core of our hearts; people who teach us how wonderful and strong we are and how amazing this world can be if we only allow ourselves to see; people who push us to bursting all that love for humanity; people whom we hope to have as companions as we step, our entire lives! People we would empty thousands of coffee cups with… These are the beautiful people, as I see them.



People like these really exist! And I know so many! That’s the gift of selection. You get to surround yourself with wonder. With the wonder of different types of relationships, leading to the same amazing feeling of falling in love. We mistakenly asses people in our lives and give the credit of “loved one” to that person we see as our soul mate only, highlighting the meaning of “my one and only”. But you, my friend, can be my soul mate under any circumstances, if you choose to walk with me: either you are a childhood buddy, my boss, a fellow I just made acquaintances to or the one I eagerly desire to share my intimate life with. I can fall in love with you every single time. Again and again. Regardless of your skin color or religion! For you give tributes to my heart equally, with equity, each time you are true to yourself and to me. Please, never lose that spark! Don’t step into the mud! Dare to do this to yourself, instead: Stay true! Show the truth in your eyes! This is what means to live strong!

Using antithesis, people less beautiful will always be the ones dragging you down, the ones trying to damage the environment exposed above; the ones unable to move on and show respect to your decisions, once everything is over – be it job related, a broken friendship or a personal thing.

We all know is a matter of choice. I may be as guilty as a child for this, but I choose the beautiful ones and the wonder they build! And thank them in the utmost sincere and genuine way: [listen to: The Dramatics – Beautiful People]




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