No gravity

[listen to: Linkin Park feat Kiiara – Heavy]

Human mind… Keeps amazing me every day!

Why do we enjoy self-torture? Why do we, somehow, enjoy our misery? Is like enjoying that helpless feeling of exploring the void… Is a heavy feeling we actually enjoy. How we love that torment! There’s something still pulling us to that state of mind, though we struggle to get it loose. But a song, a playlist triggers it… The image of tears, flashes of moments, words spoken, thoughts passing at a certain moment, feelings, the flutter of a butterfly’s wings… All these are trying hard to bring us down again. We think we have the proper approach of events, still we don’t. We’re keen on comforting ourselves with hurt. If their image is trying to fade, we hold onto it even tighter, we drag it and drop it into our souls once more.

Days go by and we imagine we’re getting over it. But is just a picture we impose. We love the landscape too much to actually let it go. Even when someone else drops into the picture, we can’t see them. Or we do, but don’t mind their outline, not even if drawn with a great height. By the time we are willing to see, they may already be erased from the background.

[listen to: Kiiara – Feels]

Waiting… Patience… Willing… For what? For something killing us on the inside. For something that’s not really there. We’re not strong enough to take new chances. We keep on running in circles. Around the same … “Can’t escape the gravity (…) There’s so much more than I can carry”.


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