Walking in my own shoes. Labels, get off my back!

          We all know what labels are, right?! But how many of us know how to correctly use them? How many of us know when to place one and where? And why? Well, yes, this will be today’s sensitive/ taboo topic.

You see someone with changing moods. Now being strong and laughing, the next moment they can be crying the most miserable of their tears. You know a sparkle is enough; something to trigger a thought. The question is: do you or do you not label? Mental disorder! Pam-pam! A label! Commonly accepted tag.

With labels comes my reluctance to society. Boxing everything is what drives me insane. Covering up what is obvious makes me want to live in the forest.

Now, be true to yourselves and ask: why do we need labels? Actually, why do we have that urge of labeling everything? And acknowledge: do or do not labels placed on you bring you bitterness? If so, why do you keep on doing the same? Because society does? Because psychology does? Because you can’t face your own thoughts and feel the need to follow a pattern? Quit being afraid. Admit your own and drive your own judgment. Based on what you believe, not based on what doctrines say. Based on your true feelings, not on imposed pictures. If you ask me, doctrines are wrong! People are afraid of the unknown, therefore they created this: the pattern. Easier to recognize, diminishing the unknown factor, thus acceptable.

That higher governor – call it God, call it Universe, call it whatever you want – gave us a mind and the power to freely use it. Than why should we be that stubborn and fond of patterns? Are they really our true guidelines? Can’t we just open our eyes and go for what we want? Without hurting others. Therefore, without labeling?

Label me for this. I couldn’t care less! I’m not going to label you for labeling me. But then, don’t come asking me to accept the sticker you just placed on my back. Don’t ask me to follow patterns, to join the masses. I will NEVER. I like walking in my own red shoes. I believe you should also go try if the ones you like fit you and start wearing them. Fearlessly!

Daring to be yourself, bravely!

[listen to: Switchfoot – Dare you to move]
 [listen to: Paulo Nutini – Iron Sky]
 [listen to: Freedom Fry – Brave]



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