The silent star

         Did you ever dream of singing? Or acting? Or dancing? In few words, being famous? Having all the glitter that industry stars display? Would you associate your own life with the entertainment industry? Would you sign a contract with the devil for fame?

Well, I have. I dreamed of being a singer. Never trusted myself enough to go for it, though. And people around me were never paying too much attention to my passion to push me to it. (Maybe just my pissed-off neighbors…) I don’t just sing in the shower… Actually, I never do that. I sing along with the tune, wherever I hear it. Usually, at home, with my laptop. But I, sometimes, find myself singing in the middle of the street. Well, I just walk and sing. But turn silent as soon as I meet someone. Anything weird? No, not at all 🙂 It’s just… I said it many times… I’m a music addict. And I will be till my last breath. Hope that moment will catch me with my headphones on 😄

It’s easy to spot me enjoying my passion to the fullest. I always have my ears covered by headsets. Even at my workplace. Fellows got used to me and gently tap my shoulder when they need me. Or make desperate signs in the air, in hopes my eyes will un-glue from the monitor and observe their call. Sometimes it works. Sometimes… I ignore…  For a few seconds. Whatever the circumstances, music keeps me company everywhere and 90% of my time. I just can’t and won’t give it up. For anything in the world! It brings my soul too much comfort. If it wasn’t for music, I may have had no beat left in my body by now.

You may have the will to say: “It’s never too late.” That’s partially true. But if I am brave enough for anything else, I don’t see myself in front of other people. Not singing. Not even talking to large groups. I go for small groups. Nonetheless, I guide my life by a (I think so) healthy principle: “Try everything, at least once in your life.” This way, you’ll never feel sorry your dreams never came true, without an attempt. So, who knows…? Never say never, right?

People knowing me say I have the perfect profile for technical stuff. And yes, I do like it, as there’s always something to solve, something to learn and you never have a chance to get bored. Nonetheless, my whole life is driven by all that’s art. Either is music, painting, dancing, sculpturing, architecture, taking pictures or street art, acting, writing, hair styling, crafting… you name its shape… it’s beauty to me. And I love my world being surrounded by it. In the background. No spotlights for me. I would be too clumsy. I’m a silent star… 🙂

What’s the dream you never took the chance to go for? Would you dare to leave it in a comment?

[listen to: Kiiara – Gold]
   I can’t resist its beat!



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