The red diamond and the brilliant. Friend zone?  

       “How come you know it’s true, but you still keep on lying to yourself? You seem to pull yourself back on purpose. Not everybody is the same, you know? Are we friends or foes?”

That’s what’s going on in the friend zone. They feel for each other, but one of them keeps the distance more than the other. That one just wouldn’t be willing to break that barrier! Afraid of not measuring up,  afraid of failing the other’s expectations, afraid of tearing down their freaking walls.

They’re good friends and would hate loosing this. Friendship means trust, crossing that line would bring deceit. Going back to being friends, if things go wrong, is rarely an option. At least that’s the overview, the commonly accepted picture.  That one is a stubborn one! They both value this stage, they both went through rough times and previous hurt; one of them is stronger and faces the facts. This girl is on fire. Ah, this reminds me of an amazing song 🙂 “(…) She’s on top of the world (…)”.

[listen to: Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire]

She’s a red diamond, he’s a brilliant. But none of them realizes yet. She shines bright in a shapeless world, though not looking for the spotlight on purpose; he’s already a lonely star, lighting the way for others. He’s looking for his own path, trying hard to understand and accept, she sees his light trace from billions miles way.  They’re both struggling in their own battle for not being exposed in a dangerous manner, but they wouldn’t join forces for a common goal. They would make an extraordinary jewel together; they just won’t – both – realize that yet…

One day, a beautiful butterfly set his rest place near the brilliant. He was just sitting and gazing at his new little winged companion. His eyes would sparkle brighter than ever before. He was craving for the freedom this little guy had.

Then did she realize: her feelings will never be stronger than his will and she can’t fight this… She took a deep breath, encouraged herself with an “I need to do this” and she whispered with an extinguished voice:   [listen to: Mariah Carey – Butterfly]

Then she watched… And thought: “Meet me in a few years time from now…”


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